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Moving Home During A Pandemic

Moving Home During A Pandemic by Norwich Home Buyers

With the UK now moving out of the lockdown we are seeing more and more movement in the property market. However, due to the lockdown still being place we are also seeing a number of precautions in place. Moving home during a pandemic is not something most will have experienced, or will experience again. In this article we will go through some of the do’s and dont’s and also give a detailed understanding of what it is going to be like. 

Can I Move Home Now?

Yes, as of May 13th you have been able to move home. There are still some restrictions in place, and also several government guidelines. Most of these demand common sense from buyers and sellers to ensure everyone is kept safe. Estates agents are also back open now as well. Norwich Home Buyers reopened again recently, and have seen an influx of potential buyers and sellers.

How Is The Housing Market Looking?

The house market has taken a dip, but this is to be expected with all that has been happening across the country. However, there is something positive in the numbers. For example RightMove and Zoople have seen exponential growth in their online services since the lockdown has been lifted slightly. 

Physical estate agents have been performing well, and since the non-essential shops have opened they have seen an increase in traffic. It is our prediction once more and more retailers and restaurant opens we will see more people more inclined to venture into the local estate agents.

What About House Prices?

Naturally due to the lockdown and nationwide pandemic there has been a drop in house prices. The UK averaged a price all of 1.7% in the month of May. And this is to be expected. However, looking at the local area of Norwich we are seeing them prices remain the same. In fact, the housing market is looking really strong, with a lot of sales still occurring.

Buying & Selling During Covid-19

With the lockdown restrictions lifting you are now able to market your home as you would any other time. This can be through online or an estate agent. The government has advised those looking to buy and also sell should conduct most of their property related actions online. This is where online has seen a huge influx of homes. However, estate agents have also put in many measures to help.

When it comes to looking to buy a new build you will need to contact the developers directly. Many of them including the largest in the local area are putting in measures to ensure that people can visit show homes. Viewings in the UK are also now permitted. This is followed by some guidelines which include:

  • Initial viewings to be done virtually where possible.
  • Limit number of attendants to physical viewings. This also includes the number of occupants in the household. 
  • Avoid touching personal belongings within the home, and make sure you take hand sanitiser with you.
  • Open all doors and windows to ensure a flow of air is within the property.
  • Anyone who has any symptoms of covid-19 should not enter another person’s home.

As you can see the guidelines are straightforward, and any estate agents will be able to best advise you.

Making An Offer During Covid-19

As many people are still deciding about moving home during a pandemic, as well as some businesses not back to work there will be a slower process when making an offer on a property. This is to be expected with the current restrictions upon us all. Ensure that any agreements made do have an element of flexibility to accommodate any such delays. 

On occasions prospective purchasers may also want to send in tradespeople to measure up for products or carry out work inspections. The government has ruled this as acceptable but is at the discretion of the occupant. 

Property Surveys 

As part of the process of moving home you will need to have the survey completed. This has now been agreed by the government so you can instruct the necessary parties to complete this. Surveyors need to be aware of the government guidelines which includes not entering a home where someone is showing symptoms, where possible conduct via appointment only and also ensure there is a limited amount of occupants in the property. 

Moving House

With the property market now back in full swing, removal workers are now able to return to work. It is suggested to quote as soon as possible, as many who have been delayed due to lockdown will be wanting to get this process completed quickly. The government have also placed some guidelines on removal companies which include:

  • Pack as much of your property as you can yourself to limit any cross contamination 
  • Clean all your belongings before they are packed and sealed 
  • Ensure all internal doors are open as to limit any contact with removal workers
  • Do not provide refreshments and ensure that all removal workers have sanitised with them

To Conclude

With the lockdown loosening you are now able to put more action in place in order to begin the selling or even buying process. Moving home during a pandemic is not something that is commonly known so ensure you have covered yourself, and also implemented government guidelines. If you would like some support with moving home, or would like some expert advice then please do Contact Norwich Home Buyers.