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Where Can I Get a Cash Offer for my House?


Sometimes there’s a need to make a sale of your property a lot quicker than the normal route. And it can be a really confusing time if you have no idea where to start. There are many benefits to a cash buyer of your home. So let’s look into where you can get a cash offer for your house, and the benefits.

How to Sell to a Cash Buyer

The most popular way to sell your home in the UK these days, is by using an Estate Agent. There are positives to using an estate agent, such as the marketing aspect of it, the listings of your home and viewings. However, estate agent fees vary, from as little as 1% up to a whopping 3.5%. And what people don’t realise, is that you don’t actually have to use an estate agent.

Make the most of the free valuations. Get an idea of a sale price for your home. But don’t just go with one estate agent, and don’t just go with the highest. Be realistic. Maybe take a look online and see if any other similar properties sold recently in your area and how much for. 

You can either try and sell your home privately. Or you can sell your home to a company like Norwich Home Buyers. We can make the process as simple and stress free as we possibly can. And we aim to complete the purchase of your property within 30 days.

Why Sell to a Cash Buyer

Cash buyers normally purchase the property as seen, meaning no additional work needs to be carried out in the home before the sale is completed.  This could be because they’re looking to refurbish the property themselves, whereas first time buyers and families are looking at a home they can move straight into that doesn’t need any work doing to it.

Another massive benefit, is the lack of mortgage hoops that have to be jumped through. We all know that normally prolongs the purchase far longer than is preferred. So with a cash buyer, there is no mortgage so there’s no valuation surveys, no structural survey. Cash buyers typically try to make the purchase as straightforward as possible, preferably at a slightly discounted rate because they’re a cash buyer.

It’s also a lot less likely that the sale can fall through because the sale goes through so quickly. There’s no risk of the mortgage being rejected because there isn’t one and there’s no lending criteria that needs to be met. This means you shouldn’t have the stresses of starting the process from the beginning again, and as there are far less people involved it should be pretty plain sailing.

You also want to look at the reason behind wanting to make a quick sale.  Maybe you’re relocating due to work, and you need to sell in order to purchase somewhere near your new job. Or a relationship breakdown can be a reason, the awkward evenings sharing a home with an ex are not ideal situations for either of you to be in.

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Now you have a good idea how to sell to a cash buyer, you might be wondering when? Spring has notoriously been the best time for selling your home if you’re looking to sell it to someone on the market yourself, or through an estate agent. This can also be a good reason to look at cash purchasing through Norwich Home Buyers, because any time of year is a good time. 

Sometimes things happen at the worst time like for instance near Christmas, where the likelihood of selling your home is much lower with the festive season comes other expenses for people.  This is why Winter is known to be the hardest time to sell a property, especially December.

Where can you Sell to a Cash Buyer?

There’s every chance you’ll be able to sell your property yourself privately, if you spruce your home up and make it appealing to viewers. Some tips for selling your house privately fast are:Ensure the outside is clear and clean, jet wash the driveway or patio, or if you have a front garden, ensure the grass is trimmed and any flower beds are looking nice and neat.

Get Rid of Bad Smells

Eliminate bad smells such as cigarettes or pets. It won’t give a great first impression if your potential buyer walks into a home that smells like an ashtray or a wet dog. Think of appealing smells, like scented candles or wax warmers, or even a pot of freshly brewed coffee. Much more welcoming smells, and can give the viewer more of an imagine of what it may feel like as “home”

Clean your House

Present your home in a professional clean manner. Make sure beds are freshly made and made to look appealing, and tidy away any clutter or mess. You ideally want to make your home look like somewhat of a showroom. It not only shows that you’re home is neat and tidy, it shows a potential purchaser that you’ve taken care of your home. It’s also a great excuse for a clear out.

Hire a Window Cleaner

Hire a window cleaner, especially for those windows that you won’t be able to reach. It’s surprising how off putting dirty or smeared windows can be to a potential buyer. Equally how appealing clean, crisp, sparkling windows can be. Fingerprints are an absolute no no, especially small sticky fingerprints, from small sticky fingered people.

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls of your home can make a huge difference, especially if it’s been some time since they were last done. Neutral colours are preferential as they are a blank canvass for anyone looking at your home. And can make rooms look much bigger and spacious. Avoid bold and dark colours, you’re not decorating it for your personal taste, you’re decorating to sell remember.

Replace the Carpets

The same with walls, you should think about possibly replacing any old, tired or outdated carpets. There is no point having a modern looking home with bright neutral walls. And then your nans old 1970’s carpet laid right the way through. It’s not appealing to anyone in any sense. Heavy footfall areas such as living rooms or entrance halls are normally the first carpets to show heavier wear and tear.

Again, aim for neutral colours, beige or grey are noted to be the most appealing colours nowadays. And tend to go with most home owners decorating choices.

The Next Step

Now that you’ve made your home look appealing, it’s time to market it to anywhere and everywhere. Check every property website you can, even places like social media can advertise properties for sale. Wherever you can place an advert, do it, the more the better. 

Then when you’ve advertised your property, if you are on social media, share it, share it, and share it again. Ask friends and family to do the same to help you aim at a larger audience. The more people that see your adverts, the more likely you’re going to get interest and sell quicker.

To Conclude: Where Can I Get a Cash Offer for my House?

Remember, there is always the option of selling to Norwich Home Buyers if all of the above seems like a lot of hard work. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s professional. If you’d like us to give you a quote for purchasing your property, give us a call and see what we can do for you.