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Guide to Online Cash Offers for Your House


Do you need to sell your home? If so, you may have considered estate agents, however you might be interested to know that unlike a traditional estate agent, we can provide you with a cash offer that will only take 30 days to process. If you are looking to sell your house without the hassle, Norwich Home Buyers is the right place for you. This is the guide to online cash offers for your house. 

Ensure your Home is Ready to Sell 

It is important to make sure that your home is ready to sell. Examine the rooms of your house to determine if there needs to be any work done.

Give Your Walls a Coat of Paint

It may be a good idea to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Stick to neutral colors that will make a room look brighter and more expansive. Ensure that your home is clean and tidy, by decluttering any items that have been left around the house. This can include unused furniture, if anything does not need to be there you can move it into storage to free up more space. 

Ensure the Outside is Clean

Regarding the outside of your house, there are things you can do to increase kerb appeal. You can cut the grass, trim any weeds, and maintain the hedges. It is also a good idea to put up hanging baskets of flowers, clean the driveway, and repaint the outside of your house if necessary. 

Clean Your Windows

If the windows of your home are dirty, that won’t leave a good first impression. Clean windows will give the impression that your property has been well-maintained. This will provide the prospective buyer with more confidence when viewing your property. You might want to put an air freshener or a few candles around the property to create a nice smell. 

Replace Your Carpets

Also, if your carpets are years old, it is definitely in your best interest to replace them. Replacing old carpets is a quick way to give your home an instant makeover.

Take Care of Damp or Mould

More importantly, if your property is showing any signs of damp or mould spots, you need to take care of this before trying to sell your home. By ignoring it, the new owner will have to deal with it as soon as they move in. However, damp or mould spots might make your property difficult to sell as most people are put off by it straight away.

Get your Property Valued 

The next step in the guide to online cash offers for your house is to get your property valued. You can determine the value of your property easily online, through our online service. Look on Norwich Home Buyers here to see how much your house is worth for an online cash offer. 

You can also ask an estate agent. Estate agents will often be able to visit your property to give you a free valuation. Estate agents are the experts on the house market in your area, and should have a solid idea of appropriate house prices. 

Other factors that go into your property valuation include the market trends, the work you have completed on the house, and the sold house prices in your local area. 

Where Can I Get an Online Cash Offer? 

You can actually get an online cash offer through Norwich Home Buyers. We offer the best cash offer for your property in Norwich. 

Benefits of Getting a Cash Offer 

Getting an online cash offer is beneficial for you as it is a quick and easy process. At Norwich Home Buyers, you can be sure we will provide you with the highest cash offer for your house. The process of getting an online cash offer takes the hassle out of selling a house

Also, a benefit of a cash transaction is that the purchase is less likely to fall through. A cash buyer will not be looking to arrange a mortgage, so the sale is more guaranteed. With a cash offer, there is no complicated house chain. With a traditional selling process, sometimes somebody changes their mind within the chain. This could be due to the fact that they found a different property they prefer or their situation changed. 

Obtaining a cash offer prevents such a chain forming beyond the purchaser as they do not have to wait until someone has bought their property. With fewer people in the chain, it is more likely that there are fewer issues with the selling process and the sale of your property is secured.

Cash Offer Vs Traditional Estate Agents 

Selling your home for a cash offer involves requesting a quote for your house, receiving a cash offer from us, accepting the offer, and finally selling your home hassle-free. 

However, selling your home the traditional way, through an estate agent, can take up to a year. This long process involves: preparing your home to be sold, finding an agent, listing your home, showing your home, negotiating with the buyer, and finally selling your home to the buyer. 

Now you know the different ways you can sell a house, you will be able to make a more informed decision. Your decision depends on how much time you have, and how long you wish to spend in the process of selling your house.

If you wish to sell your home quicker, we recommend getting an online cash offer for your property. If you choose this way, you can have your house sold within 30 days. 

To Conclude: Guide to Online Cash Offers for Your House 

There are many reasons why getting an online cash offer for your house might be the right choice for you. You may want to take the stress out of the selling process for yourself. You might want to gain the cash offer so that you can clear some debt. Whatever the reason for wanting a cash offer, we have your best interests at heart.

By using Norwich Home Buyers, you can be sure that you are leaving the selling process of your property to an organisation that you can trust. 

If you wish to speak to a member of our staff about securing an online cash offer for your home, feel free to contact us on 01603 851837.