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What is a Full Structural House Survey?


A full structural house survey (also known as a building survey) is one of the most comprehensive surveys that can be done on a property. They usually take place before making a new house purchase and they’re used to highlight any potential structural issues. Making yourself aware of these problems before you exchange and complete could save you £1000’s in the long run.

Full Structural House Survey

These surveys will outline any defects within the property and let you know how urgent the issues are. The survey will also tell you the estimated cost of repairs so you can decide whether it’s worth continuing with the purchase.

It’s important to appoint a RICS Chartered Surveyor when arranging a property survey. This ensures the survey is going to be as in-depth as possible and minimises the risk of missing any major issues.

What Does the Survey Cover?

During a survey, a surveyor will inspect a property and note down any problems with the building such as:

  1. Damp within the walls
  2. Cracks or subsidence issues
  3. Any hazardous materials (asbestos)
  4. Renovations/extensions undertaken without planning permission
  5. Damage to the roof or structural timbers
  6. Any large or threatening trees within a certain area of the house

The cost of the survey will depend on the size and value of your home. A rough price is usually between £500 to £1,500. They can be expensive, however, they’re worth getting one done if you think there could be an underlying issue within the property.

Do I Need a Full Structural Survey?

A survey will pick up any underlying issues and help you decide whether you want to go ahead with the purchase. If you decide to skip this step then it could cost you much more in the long run. You just have to way up whether it’s worth taking the risk. If there are some issues that go unnoticed, then you’ll have no choice but to cover those costs in the future.

If you think that your property may suffer from structural issues then call Norwich Home Buyers today! We’re able to offer you a fast cash offer no matter what condition your property is in.