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10 Tips for Selling your House Fast

Norwich Home Buyers - 10 Tips for Selling your House Fast

We’ve put together our 10 Top Tips for selling your house fast. Follow these tips and get the quick and easy house sale you need!

Top 10 Tips for Selling your House Fast:

1. Give the walls a lick of paint

A fresh coat of paint can really work wonders, especially if you choose colours that appeal to a larger target market. Stick to neutral colours that make the room look bigger and brighter. We recommend websites like Pinterest and Houzz for some interior design inspiration.

2. Declutter

Making sure your house is clean and tidy is a cheap and effective way of achieving a quick sale. You should always make sure your home is clean, tidy and clutter-free as it shows your new potential buyer that you have looked after the property.

Selling your house is a great excuse to throw out all the clutter that has built up whilst you’ve been living there. Get rid of old books and toys, and move any unused furniture into storage to give the feeling of more space.

3. Increase kerb appeal

First impressions mean everything when selling a property so it’s important to get the outside of your house looking good before you put it on the market.

Some good tips include cutting the grass, removing any weeds and trimming the hedges etc. Additional touches like putting up hanging baskets, pressure washing the driveway or repainting the outside of your house can also be a relatively cheap way of maximising those good first impressions.

4. Ensure the windows are squeaky clean

Got handprints on your windows? Or even bird poo? It’s time to get the cleaning supplies out.

Having your windows and frames cleaned not only means that people can see through them, but it also shows that the property has been well looked after and it’ll give them more reassurance about buying the property.

5. Create the right smells

The smell of stale cigarettes or pets doesn’t give the best first impressions when trying to sell your home. Moreover, while it might be impractical to bake a fresh loaf of bread before every viewing, you could perhaps brew some fresh coffee or light some scented candles to create some welcoming smells.

6. Replace tired carpets

How long have your carpets been down? Years probably. Therefore, it may be time to replace them throughout your home.

It will instantly give your house the lift it needs to sell as there are no longer any worn marks or stains on them and this helps new buyers imagine what it might be like as their home.

7. Cure any damp or mould spots

Damp or mould put most people off straight away as it shows the property has not been looked after. It also creates an added issue that the new owner has to deal with as soon as they move in.

Ensure you cure the damp and mould correctly, don’t just paint over it as it will come back! In addition to this, mould can also be a danger to your health so make sure you seek the right advice from a professional and get rid of it for good.

8. Consider an open house

You might not want lots of people wandering around your house at once, however, holding an open house creates urgency. This makes buyers more likely to put in their offer as they’ll be worried that someone else might beat them to it and they could miss out.

Discuss with your estate agent about how to organise the most effective open house.

9. Get the right Estate Agent

If you’re not in a rush to sell then you could list your property with an estate agent. Most importantly, you need to make sure you choose the right one for you. This decision can be the difference between selling your house in a matter of weeks, months or even years.

We recommend getting 3 different agents over to your property to give you a valuation. Make sure you don’t just go with the cheapest option. Further to that, ensure that your agent can demonstrate that they have buyers in the area who are interested in your type of property.

10. Consider a property buying company

Getting an offer from a local property buying company like Norwich Home Buyers is a great way of achieving a fast sale.

We aim to complete on your house in under 30 days and buy the property in its current condition. Therefore, you don’t have to spend any money on fixing the place up or removing any junk first – we’ll take care of that for you!


It takes a lot for a house to sell, and these quick tips could make a world of difference. Some houses will sell as soon as they are put on the market due to popular demand, whereas other homes can take years to sell.

In conclusion, don’t give up hope! If you follow our 10 tips for selling your house fast you’ll go a long way to finding a buyer. You just have to be patient and hope the right buyer comes along.

If however, you find yourself struggling to sell your house at a speed that suits you then contact Norwich Home Buyers today for your fast cash offer! We aim to have the cash in your bank in under 30 days.