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Relocation House Sale: What Are Your Options


The amount of people relocating around the UK is increasing year on year. Be this those that have a new work opportunity, or even to live in a better area. Whatever it may be, selling your home is the first task many will have to consider. In an ever revolving property market, understanding your options is very much needed. In our latest article Norwich Home Buyers takes a look at Relocation House Sale: What Are Your Options.

What Does It Mean To Relocate?

Relocation is the process of moving from one place to another. The reasons behind relocation vary but are usually to do with house costs, seeking a better place to live or even for work commitments. Whatever it may be, finding a nice location to make your family home is key to the whole process. In order to do this however, most will need to sell their home in order to generate the funds. How they sell their home is split into a few options which we will look at later.

What Are Your Options?

Understanding the options in which you have when it comes to relocation are always going to be key. This will give you avenues to explore when you need to sell your home. There are a variety of ways you can sell your home to relocate, all with varying time frames depending on circumstances. Some of relocation house sale: what are your options include the following:-

Sell Your Home Through An Estate Agent 

One of the main and first options that people choose is to sell their home through an estate agent. This could be a high street supplier, boutique or online. All have an array of benefits attached. Selling with an estate agent has become one of the most successful ways for those that are relocating to achieve an asking price which allows the move to happen. Most find that with an estate agency as well, they stand a better chance of appealing to the local market. 

With relocating, the idea is to eliminate as much stress as possible. Knowing that you have someone who is going to market your home for you and also appeal to their network is definitely beneficial. One area of consideration to keep in mind however is the need to achieve a specific asking price. For a quicker sale you may be advised to lower the price you want. Make sure that you have run the financials to ensure that once sold you relocation is still possible. 

Go To Auction

For those that need a quick sale an auction is going to be the best route to go down. Especially if you have a home that needs a lot of work doing. Before entering the auction make sure you have done the necessary research to understand where you are selling is going to cater to the right people, as well as fees that will need to be paid.

Now with all these benefits being said, one issue that remains is price. Unlike selling through an estate agent there will be a guide price, or a reserve that you set but it is not uncommon for houses to sell for way under. Looking at what similar homes sell for will give you a better understanding. It is advised however if you are in a position to wait, or have time between your move then look at the estate agency option first. This will give you the best chance of achieving what you require.


Renting your home is sometimes the best option for those that do not need the funds from their house sale to fund their next move. Keeping a hold of your property is very beneficial for those that are relocating for the short term or who are looking for an extra income. Whatever the reason, renting does have its benefits. 

When it comes to renting your home, there are a few ways in which you can do it, be that private or through an agent. Renting privately does mean needing to have extra security, as well as the added legal costs. However, it can be really good if you have a network of people who just would love to live in your home. 

The most common however does tend to be with an agency. This way you can utilise the experience and skills of them to market your property to the best audience. Also, they handle all of the leg work and paperwork which makes your relocation a lot easier due to less commitment. 

To Conclude

The process of relocating is one that many have had to ponder on or do in their lives. Our latest article relocation house sale: what are your options should give you a clearer view on what is going to be the best course of action for you moving forward. Understanding these options is also very important for you to make more of an informed decision. Norwich Home Buyers are always keen to hear from those looking for housing advice or to sell their home. Contact Us for more details on our services.