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A Guide To Selling Your Home In Norwich

A Guide To Selling Your Home In Norwich - by Norwich Home Buyers

The Norwich housing market is thriving. More and more houses are being built to cope with the demand for relocators, and those looking to be within a short distance of the city centre. This would mean when it comes to selling your home, you are in a very good position. The guide to selling your home in Norwich has been created to show you the best and most successful ways in which you can do this.

What’s Popular?

When it comes to selling your home in Norwich, some will obviously be at an advantage over others. The type of property you own, as well as location will determine how quick your property will sell, and how much interest it will gain. Norwich has a thriving property market, but it also has a number of homes being developed in various locations. That said however, there are some popular home types which sell quickly. 

The first of these are the Victorian terrace houses. Close to the city centre you will find a number of these types of homes which are great for those still wanting to be close to everything that is going on, but do not want a flat. These sell very quickly in Norwich, especially in popular locations. 

What is also very popular as with many city centre locations are flats. Flats are being built across the city in vast supply, but those looking for something quick will find locations such as Sentinel House, or even along the river are always in high demand.

Both of these property types are vastly popular across many buyers. Therefore if you are selling something similar you may find with the right estate agent, and marketing of your property that it is a relatively quick and easy sale.

Where To Sell Your Property

When it comes to selling your property there are a variety of options. Norwich has a great estate agency scene with many independent and large national agencies. Auctions are also very popular in the area due to the vast amount of developers looking to thrive in the area. A breakdown of both these options are as follows:

Selling At Auction 

Selling at auction does continue to be a very popular way in which you sell your home in Norwich. With such a thriving housing market, developers and those looking to build that perfect home are always keeping an eye on what is going on at auctions. An auction is a great avenue to consider if you are looking for a quick sell.

Do however be aware of the costs involved, and also the amount in which you can demand. Selling a property at auction does mean that you are not going to achieve what you would normally get if sold through an estate agent. However it can be beneficial as mentioned if you are looking for a quick sale.

Selling Via An Estate Agent 

Selling via an estate agent is still the most popular way to sell your home in Norwich. One in which Norwich Home Buyers can help you with. Our comprehensive knowledge of the local market is unparalleled, and we have had great success with a number of clients. 

We ensure that adequate time is placed into marketing each and every property in which we deal with as well. This means we are able to reach as many people as possible, and increase your chances of your home being sold. 

Maybe Try Renting?

Even though this guide is about selling your home, we cannot fail to mention rentals. Rentals are very popular for those who cannot afford to buy in close to the city locations. And with a very vibrant student culture as well as busy hospitals a lot of people do prefer to rent locally. 

Flats, terrace houses and even larger homes are always in demand across many areas. With renting if you have a home in a more rural part of Norwich these are also still in high demand. This may be an option to consider if you are looking to gain an extra income. Or at least keep a hold of the property for the future.

To Conclude

When it comes to selling your home in Norwich you are in a really good position. The local housing market is thriving be that for city centre located homes, or those just on the outskirts. Our guide to selling your home in Norwich shows you the various routes in which you can take, as well as what we have found to be popular. If you do want some more information on the local market, and are considering selling then please do feel free to Contact Us.