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Why Isn’t My House Selling?

‘Why isn’t my house selling?’ is something we hear time and time again from unhappy homeowners. Not being able to sell your house quickly enough can be a very frustrating situation for many families, especially when it’s not clear exactly why your house isn’t selling.

We get it. You just want to sell and move on with your life, but it can take anywhere from a few weeks right up to a year before the conveyancing process can be completed and you have the cash sitting in your bank account.

Why isn’t my house selling: The answers

There are several factors that may be why your house isn’t selling as fast as you would like. The most common reason we see is that your house is priced too high for that particular area. Or it could be that you’ve instructed a poor estate agent who isn’t proactively pursuing buyers. Either way, read below for a few reasons why your house may not be selling.

Your house is too cluttered

Making sure your house is clean and tidy is a simple but effective way to increase the chances of achieving a quick sake. To increase the likelihood of achieving a sale, you should always make sure your home is clean, tidy and clutter-free.

Selling your house is a great excuse to throw out all the clutter that has built up whilst you’ve been living there. Why not sell your old books, toys and any unwanted items on sites like GumTree or eBay?

The price is too high

Although this may be the price the estate agent marketed your property at, it doesn’t necessarily mean that buyers are willing to buy at the price. Due to the competitive world of estate agency, it isn’t uncommon for some agents to overinflate the valuation of your property just to make you list it with them.

Before making your choice, you should be getting advice from at least three different estate agents. Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest, we recommend choosing one who can demonstrate that they have a proactive approach to selling properties. If you think your house may be overpriced then contact your estate agent to see what other options there are.

Your estate agent isn’t working hard enough

You wouldn’t want this to be one of the reasons that your house isn’t selling as this is what you pay their fees for. But some Estate Agents might not be working to the promises they made when you listed your house with them.

Estate agents should be giving you regular updates on how your house is performing, from how many clicks it’s getting online to what feedback potential buyers tare giving after viewings. Alongside this, they should be marketing your property both online and in their local branches. If you suspect that they aren’t, it might be worth considering changing your estate agent.

What can I do if my house isn’t selling?

Here are a few things you could do to speed up the process of your house selling: 

  • Switch to a more reliable estate agent to improve your chances of selling.
  • Consider decluttering your house to make it look better and cleaner for the viewers.
  • Try your luck at auction. You may get a bit less than the asking price but it certainly improves your chances of selling.
  • Contact a local property buying company like Norwich Home Buyers. 

You certainly have a few options to consider before reducing the asking price for your house. Although many people will want their house to be snapped up in a few days, it doesn’t always happen. Selling a house requires patience, determination and the right plan of action. 

Are you still struggling to sell your house? 

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