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The Ultimate Guide To Relocation


Relocation as a whole is increasing. The reasons behind relocation are also ever changing. Therefore having an understanding of the process you need to go through is important to achieve the next step in your life. At Norwich Home Buyers we are specialists in the Norwich market. A number of our clients are relocating to the area, and also away to pastures new. In our latest article we have constructed the ultimate guide to relocation to help you out.

What Do You Need To Relocate

The first stop on our ultimate guide to relocation is understanding what the reasons may be. Many families find that new opportunities be that for work or personal reasons require a need to move. The popularity of international relocating to places like Dubai, America and Australia continue to rise and there is no wonder why. 

Alongside work and personal life, it can sometimes be the monetary factor that drives people to move. With most places across the UK becoming even more expensive, many do find that moving to remote areas allows them to lead a better standard and quality of life. Great for those that have retired, or want to begin that process.

Best Way To Sell Your Home

Now you have decided that relocation is what you need to do, we now need to look at how you are going to sell your home. Achieving the right sale price usually is a big factor to those that are looking to relocate to another area in the UK or even abroad. Therefore looking at the right options is only going to benefit you in the long run. Some of the most popular ways include the following:-

Estate Agents 

An estate agent is still seen as the most popular and effective way to sell your home. The estate agent that you choose will be representing you and also marketing your home to potential buyers. Therefore it is very important as it could be what leads you to a quick or longer sale process. By also utilising their services, they can give you a clearer understanding of local home sales, and what you should expect to achieve during your process.


The popularity of using an auction house has increased. Usually due to the fact that you can achieve a reasonable value on your home and also in a quicker sale than an estate agent. Finding the right auction is key and also the right target buyers. Ensure you do your research first before entering, as well as understanding what you can achieve financially. There are some fees you also need to consider.

Property Buyers

Using property buying companies like Norwich Home Buyers are generally the quickest way to sell your house, plus they don’t charge the usual fees associated with the other methods. When you sell to a property buying company you’ll know exactly how much cash you’ll be getting for your property on day one, plus you’ll be able to choose a completion date to suit you.


Now this may seem slightly odd as we have mentioned selling your home, however some are not in that position. If you can keep your home then it can create an extra income, or a location to come back if the relocation does not work out how it should. Using a rented home for income is a great way to also even increase the lifestyle you want to live. 

It is worth noting that you need to consider the logistics of renting as well. Especially if you are living in a new country and do not have people around you who can sort issues. It is also important to make sure that you have everything sorted from a legal perspective as well.

What You Need To Consider When Buying Somewhere New

Once you have taken a look at selling your home, there are also a number of factors you need to consider. Relocation is a big thing that many will never do in their lives, and if you do then it is more than likely for the rest of your life. Therefore some of the consideration factors include the following:-


When relocating, location is a massive consideration point. Even if that is abroad or in the UK, you need to understand where it is going to be best for you and your family. Extensive research and visits are most definitely required.


Finding a house has to be high on your agenda. You need somewhere to live, so finding that place is a must. What you can afford will be based on area and also earnings from work. Or even the deposit will be based on the sale of your previous home.


If you have kids then you need to consider school and also colleges for them. What are the standards like and do they offer the courses which interest them. This information is readily available on many websites.


Logistically how easy it is for friends and family to travel to you and also how far is it from the shops. If you are used to living in the city centre then village or remote style living may not be for you.


Last and certainly not least is working. If you are not relocating for work then you need to assess if that area has any offering for someone with yours or your partner’s skillset. Your work life will ultimately decide if you pass to get the mortgage you need.

The Costs 

Now we very much get down to the nitty gritty of our ultimate guide to relocation. We have looked at what consideration points you need to have, and also what ways you utilise to sell your  home. We now need to look at the costs. Relocation is definitely not cheap, so you need to ensure you have your finances in order beforehand. Some of these costs include the following:-

Selling Fees 

When selling your home either via an estate agent or an auction house there are fees in which you need to pay on the final property value you achieve. Knowing these fees is key so you can ensure even with these taken out that you have enough profit to move forward with.

Mortgage Changes 

If you find yourself moving to a new area of the UK then you may need to look at a new mortgage or even ending your current one. Some lenders will have a set fee for this so you need to ensure you also have this covered.

Legal Fees

During the process of selling your home and even looking for another you are going to need the help of a solicitor to help the process run smoothly. This may also include a surveyors fee and also any other tests you need conducted on your home to sell, or even to buy.

Moving House

If you are relocating then chances are you will need to take some stuff with you. Removal men in that case are required. Pricing up the job will be down to how much you have to move, and also how far it is going. Overseas will naturally cost a lot more and take more logistical planning.

To Conclude

So there you have it our ultimate guide to relocation. Moving to a new area and also into a new home can be what you need to start that next chapter. Beforehand, however, you need to consider all involved as well as the lists we have created above.

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